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SEEC Mapping principles

In addition to the capacity of visualizing, Nanolane offers the ability to access to thickness measurements of your samples observed by SEEC Microscopy.

To access to the thickness measurements of films, physic phenomena of interference fringes of Fizeau are exploited. These fringes observable during spin-coating process for example (colorimetric change when film thickness decreases) are due to constructive interferences that occur when the phase difference between the optical waves is a multiple of 2π (whereas destructive interference occurs when the difference is an odd multiple of π). Thus, each RGB pixel of the image can be converted in pixel of optical thickness of the film deposited on the SEEC slide.

To ensure a perfect correspondence between RGB components and optical thicknesses, Nanolane provides optically stabilized and certified optical systems (Sarfus stations) and proprietary software (Sarfusoft) that warranty subnanometric accuracy and precision.

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Standard calibration certification by the German National Metrology Institute ( leads to SEEC measurements with repetability higher than 0.2 nm (based on 30 measurements, ISO standard 17025). Thanks to these performances, Nanolane is one of the leaders for high-precision and real-time optical measurements in air and in liquid.




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