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Sarfus LR Station

The SARFUS LR Station is an entry-level system dedicated to routine analysie in dry. Imaging and topographic characterization of nanometric samples are  . The system offered Z-limit of detection better than 2nm and measurement accuracy better than 2nm.

The SARFUS LR Station is the perfect tool for rapid and precise analyses for samples with thickness higher to 2nm. Nanometric films, nanopatterns, Langmuir-Blodgett films, liquid crystal and coating  are some exemples of samples studiable by the Sarfus LR stations

Product Sarfus Imaging 05
  • Flexible mode of analysis
    Work in static or dynamic mode in air. Track changes vs. time, T°...
  • High-resolution imaging
    Access to high-resolution and direct imaging of your samples thanks to the sub-micrometric lateral sensitivity (down to 300nm)
  • High-sensitivity analysis
    Detect mass or structural changes with a sub-nanometric sensitivity (down to 2 nm or 5 ng/cm²).
  • Access to sample topography
    Perform complete topographic studies (thickness, roughness, 3D view...) with high-accuracy (down to 2 nm).
  • Real-time analysis
    With up to 90 frames/second, perform precise 2D and 3D kinetic studies of morphological changes/phase transition. 
  • Label-free technique
    Preserve your samples, no need to label and thus no risk for photobleaching/photoquenching...

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