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Sarfus HR Station

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Based on high-quality optical devices, the SARFUS HR station is the high-resolution SEEC system. Imaging and topographic analyses of samples down to the nanoscale can be performed in dry and in liquid. High-quality images and accurate data acquistion are offered with this robust and calibrated optical system. The Sarfus HR station enables measurement with a Z-limit of detection down to 0.1nm and an accuracy better than 0.3nm in dry and 0.2nm in liquid.


Many options are available for the Sarfus HR station: motorized stage, autofocus, fluorescence, confocal... mode.

Main features
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  • Flexible mode of analysis
    Work in static or dynamic mode in air or in water. Track changes vs. time, T°, pH, [C]...
  • High-resolution imaging
    Access to high-resolution and direct imaging of your samples thanks to the sub-micrometric lateral sensitivity (down to 300nm)
  • High-sensitivity analysis
    Detect mass or structural changes with a sub-nanometric sensitivity (down to 0.1nm or 1ng/cm²).
  • Access to sample topography
    Perform complete topographic studies (thickness, roughness, 3D view...) with high-accuracy (down to 0.2nm).
  • Real-time analysis
    With up to 90 frames/second, perform precise 2D and 3D kinetic studies of morphological changes/phase transition. 
  • Label-free technique
    Preserve your samples, no need to label and thus no risk for photobleaching/photoquenching...
Main applications
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  • Live visualization of nanolayer, biofilm, biochip, ...
  • Topographic analysis of nanometric films and patterns.
  • Real-time study of molecular adsorption and desorption.
  • Real-time study of (bio)films build-up and degradation.
  • Kinetics studies of film morphological change vs. time, T°, ...
  • Control of the homogeneity of thin films/patterns.
  • Visualization of the nano-objects dispersion.
  • Live visualization of nano-objects/biological layers interaction.
  • Visualization of vesicles spreading on surface.
  • Characterization of swelling effect.
  • Studies of extra-cellular matrix.
  •  ...

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