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CEA---LETI---Grenoble ENS-Cachan---France Florida-State-University---USA Fraunhofer-Stuttgart---Germany
CEA - Leti ENS Cachan Florida State University Fraunhofer
HARVARD-Cambridge---USA iNANO-Aarhus---Denmark ISL-Saint-Louis---France Karlsruher-Institut-für-Technologie---Germany
HARVARD Cambridge iNANO Aarhus ISL Saint Louis Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
McGill-University---Canada NAIST-Tsukuba---Japan Naval-Research-Laboratory---USA Seoul-National-University---South-Korea
McGill University NAIST Tsukuba Naval Research Laboratory Seoul National University
Univ.Twente---The-Netherlands University-of-Barcelona---Spain University-of-Cambridge--United-Kingdom University-of-Graz---Austria
University of Twente - The Netherlands University of Barcelona University of Cambridge University of Graz




SEEC microscopy offers us an unique way of observing our single to few-layer phospholipid membrane stacks by optical means alone. I was stunned by the observation possibility and contrast enhancement - so this is excellent.

Michael Hirtz, KIT-Karlsruhe (Germany)

Thank you very much for remarkable results obtained with the help of Surfs.

S.Kudaibergenov, Kazakh National Technical University-Almaty (Kazakhstan)

SEEC imaging may contribute to biophysical insights of broad significance, especially in the context of micro fluidic-based lab-on-a-chip devices, which in recent years have become widespread tools in both applied and fundamental life-science research.

Fredrick Höök, Univ. Chalmers (Sweden)




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