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(PAH/PSS) polyelectrolytes layers observed in water
PEI layer observed in water
PEI layer measured in water (1.3nm)
(PAH/PSS) polyelectrolytes layers observed in salt solution
(PAH/PSS) polyelectrolytes layers measured in salt solution
Microstructures on polyelectolytes layer

Application Notes

Visualization and Thickness Measurement of Polyelectrolytes Multilayers in Dry and in Solution

Different polyelectrolytes multilayers are studied by SARFUS 3D IMM system both in dry and in solution. Thickness measurements of the layers are realized and compared to measurements done with ellipsometry. In this study, we are able to see in real time i

SARFUS : Study of layer-by-layer polyelectrolyte deposition

In recent years, intensive studies have been carried out on the preparation of multilayer systems by the so-called layer-by-layer method (LbL)1. This technique based on the successive deposition of very thin layers makes it possible to produce materials w


"Simultaneous Spray Coating of Interacting Species: General Rules Governing the Poly(styrene sulfonate)/Poly(allylamine) System"

M. Lefort, F. Boulmédais, L. Jierry, E. Gonthier, J.C. Voegel, J. Hemmerlé, Ph. Lavalle, A. Ponche, and P. Schaaf Langmuir, 2011, 27 (8), pp 4653-4660



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