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Biological layers

Lipid layer spreading
Lectin layer in water (12nm)
Nanometric structures of lipid vesicles


Thermal behavior of DMPC
Real-time antibodies binding

Application Notes

SEEC Microscopy: Application to SAMs Study

In this work, phospholipids deposited on a surface are studied by SEEC Microscopy, as an example of self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) systems. The optical technique allows the live visualization and topographic imaging of the phospholipids layers organizat

SARFUS : Characterization of ultraweak vesicles adhesion

Vesicles adhesion on lectin surface is studied by Sarfus. For glycolipid vesicles, contact area on the surface is clearly observed whereas no contact area is visible for DOPC vesicles. A correlation is done between contact area and vesicles adhesion.

SEEC Microscopy : Application to imaging of lipid domains and real-time monitoring of protein binding events

Surface enhanced ellipsometry contrast (SEEC) microscopy is used for label-free imaging of spatially heterogeneous supported lipid bilayers (SLB) or lipid domains. Furthermore, time-lapse imaging enables time-resolved, label-free visualization of biomolec



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